Current Partners

  • Authenticx

    Authenticx analyzes millions of conversations to surface recurring trends that healthcare organizations use to make informed, proactive decisions.

  • Biosapien

    BioSapien has developed a 3D-printed chip, MediChip, that aims to deliver drugs in a localized, sustained manner for cancer indications with reduced systemic side effects.

  • Kwema

    The Kwema Smart Badge Reel™ contains a discreet duress button, allowing anyone to call for help within seconds.

  • Obatala Sciences

    Fat-on-a-Chip System is a 3D Adipocyte MicroPhysiological System that allows for drug safety and efficacy studies.

  • Performance Health Partners

    Our incident management system and rounding tools are designed to protect patients, give voice to employees, and elevate the overall health of your organization.

Past Investment/Advisory Experience

  • The Able Channel

    The first streaming & digital health platform providing information, news and specific resources designed for both The Able and Health Challenged

  • Get Well Network

    Digital patient engagement for the whole health journey.

  • Junum

    Improve patient outcomes through clinical nutrition.

  • Hampr

    Hampr is an on-demand laundry service that will pick up your laundry and return it freshly folded within 24 hours.

  • Think Genetic

    Digitally transforming the undiagnosed patient identification market for rare and genetic conditions.

  • Tides Medical

    High-quality human amniotic tissue grafts. Expert service that removes barriers preventing patients from the range of treatment options they deserve.

Equity Investments

  • (Paris, France) develops AI software to bridge predictive medicine and heart surgery. Our product aims at identifying patients at high risk of stroke during heart surgery to guide preventive treatments.

  • Aptus Life (Dallas, TX)

    Aptus Life is a new direction in patient care and healthcare efficiency. The goal of improved outcomes in health is realized with the Aptus Life platform of enhanced Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management.

  • Biosapien

    BioSapien has developed a 3D-printed chip, MediChip, that aims to deliver drugs in a localized, sustained manner for cancer indications with reduced systemic side effects.

  • Gosia Genomics (New York, NY)

    Gosia Genomics is a personalized genomic testing company empowering individuals to improve their health, wellbeing, happiness, quality of life and longevity, and fueling discovery of new disease and drug targets through genomic testing.

  • Kioma (Dallas, TX)

    We build baby car seats with the style you want and the safety you need.

  • OUI Medical (Bangalore, India)

    Developed a novel endoscope to perform abdominal cavity examination under local anesthesia.

  • QuantiFace (Vienna, Austria)

    Using artificial intelligence QuantiFace develops applications to quantify first impressions along different traits and enables computer simulated changes to faces according to a desired impression

  • SageSpectra (College Station, TX)

    SageSpectra is a low-cost, portable device that uses light to accurately measure tissue oxygenation across any patient at risk of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

  • Tenets AI (Chicago, IL)

    Tenets is an AI healthcare marketplace with the goal to improve the adoption of AI in healthcare and facilitate hospitals to utilize AI to improve patient outcomes.

  • Ultrasonic Medical Mapping, Inc. (Bethesda, MD)

    Ultrasonic Medical Mapping, Inc (UMM) is a biomedical technology company delivering the first-to-market diagnostic application of an automated low-frequency ultrasonic scanner focused on detecting early stage pancreatic and liver cancers.

  • VenoVision (Jerusalem, Israel)

    VenoVision provides the missing non-invasive cardiological data and monitoring needed to reduce ICU admissions and hospitalizations for millions of heart failure and at-risk patients.